Monday 21st October

Here is our preliminary schedule for the conference

this schedule is subject to change…

Monday Westhaven Akarana Tamaki
0900-1000 Introduction: Cherie Ellis and keynote: Sam Minnée, Silverstripe
1000-1030 Plenary: Katrine Evans
1100-1200 Scott Penrose Grant McLean Steven Ellis
Secure Medical REST API Creating jQuery plugins PaaS from Origin to Enterprise
1200-1230 Hugh Davenport Rhys Elsmore Stewart Smith
Security Bug Bounties in Open Source Applications How to Lose Friends and Influence Burnout MySQl in the cloud, As A Service
1330-1430 Francois Marier Hamish Friedlander Arjen Lentz
You’re still using passwords on your site? Security and SilverStripe’s API designOpen source CMS Clustering Web Apps with MariaDB & Galera
1430-1500 Tom Eastman Timothy Jones Alex Fraser
Serialization formats aren’t toys  Automating REST Resources in the Snap Web Framework The Raster Storage Archive: Contiguous Satellite Imagery for Server-Side Processing
1530-1600 Andrew Weston Prof. Barry Vercoe Julien Goodwin
NZPost – Improving Delivery Using Open Source From One Laptop to One Education Release management from a different side
1600-1630 David J. Pearce Jaco van der Merwe 1 hour
The Whiley Programming Language NZ SMB FLOSS Cooperative
1630-1700 Paul Campbell Chandan Datta Errazudin Ishak
Smaller Cheaper Open Wireless Programming behaviour of personal service robots The Spock Guide To Think Out of The Vagrant Box

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