Thank you to everyone involved!

OSDC exec

  • for allowing us to host this conference in the first place.
  • Arjen Lentz, Ben Dechrai, Jacinta Richardson for their positive help and support during the preparations and the conference itself.

Speakers and delegates

  • all of you.
  • I see this conference (and others like it) as a great platform for peer recognition and feedback for your work

The volunteers

  • Steven Ellis
  • Amanda Jackson
  • Janine Eastwood
  • Brendan Seerup
  • Tyler Reilly
  • Chris McClimans
  • Steven Chand
  • Chadan Datta – speaker, delegate, volunteer



  • Catalyst IT – Exclusive Dinner Sponsor


  • Google’s Open Source team


  • NZ Open Source Society
  • Internet NZ
  • Silverstripe
  • Red Hat


  • Anchor
  • Strategic Data
  • Open Source NZ
  • Beegle
  • Mozilla


  • Treshna Enterprises
  • Open Source Industry Australia

Student Fairy Godsponsors

  • Catalyst IT
  • Google
  • Strategic Data
  • Internet NZ


Cystic Fibrosis Association of New Zealand

  • Money raised so far: >$1300

We hope that you caught up with old friends, Made new ones, Enjoyed yourselves, Learned something


If you are interested in being involved in our bid for LCA 2015 then contact Cherie directly.

The Secret of the T-Shirts

Drazi Purple Green


The Australasian Open Source Developers Conference is one of the top conferences for developers in Asia Pacific. It’s primarily focused on development with open source tools and development of open source software, and is now in its 10th year. For the first time, the conference is crossing the ocean and is landing in Auckland, New Zealand, 21st – 23rd October 2013, at the lavish Langham Hotel. This makes it truly an international event to that is a must attend.

The conference covers everything from revision control to the latest software development methodologies and tools, OSDC cannot afford to be missed by anyone who uses open source development tools, or writes open source software.


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